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WFS Rubik’s Cube Club (WFSRCC) is organized by cube lovers at Woodberry Forest School. The club is open to any level of cubers and purchases a 3×3 cube for every member. At our meetings, we hold beginner lessons, CFOP seminars, BIG & Weird cubes challenges, and magnetize-your-cube workshops. We hold a mini competition each meeting and award prizes for winners. WFSRCC also attends at least 2 WCA competition in Virginia each year. In spring 2018, we plan to host a WCA competition at Woodberry Forest School.

WFSRCC is not merely about Rubik’s Cubes. The club combines problem solving, logical reasoning, quick reaction, competitions, and fun together to create a unique cubing experience. Rubik’s Cube, along with the joy of meeting friends, honing solving skills, and competing, will fascinate you from the moment you join the club.

Happy cubing!

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